The world is called many names. It has been called Urth, Tiera, Jord and even just "the World."  Whatever its name, it is large with many mysteries. It is old and still holds many secrets.

Our tale begins in the Empire of Hardathian. The Hardathian empire has existed for 300 years.  It began as a small kingdom on a fertile island. The people expanded beyond their shores as a naval power, then as a conquering army.  They conquered the Mesons, a kingdom built on the backs of slaves. The Hardathians freed the slaves and made them citizens. Their nation now larger, they turned to the small craggy nation of Osen. The Osens fought hard, but eventually surrendered and became a client kingdom. While the war was long and hard on Osen, the Hardathians rebuilt their towers, improved their roads, and brought trade. Finally, the Hardathians turned on the dread Lodite realm, ruled by the lich lord, Arcanus. Arcanus ruled the Lodites from times forgotten and was cruel beyond measure. His Lieutenants, the Death Guard were each an army on to themselves. Despite his power, after nearly 80 years of war, Arcanus was defeated. His tower was broken, his servants were destroyed, and his people were freed from oppression.   

Now is the golden age. The Hardathians have found peace and are a glowing symbol of good in the world. Emperor Meritus the Third has called our heroes, not for conquest and glory, but a project of enlightenment. Our heroes will be sent to the edges of the empire to reclaim the remains of an ancient civilization and reported library found there. They will need to build a community, defend it, and explore the ruins to find secrets lost to time. They will bring civilization to the edge of outer chaos. 

Fire and Fall